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Bed of Roses - Circular Glass Chopping Board

Bed of Roses - Circular Glass Chopping Board

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Snuggled safely on a bed of crimson roses, a fluffy little tabby cat is peacefully dreaming that she is a brave and ferocious tiger. When she awakes, she will breathe a big yawn, step out into the urban jungle and take down her prey. These glass chopping boards are made to the highest standard, perfect for meal preparation. Containing beautiful artwork these chopping boards are made from toughened glass and are completed with rubber feet to stop them from sliding while being used. These pieces of art will be a great addition to your kitchen, just waiting for you to start chopping all your favourite foods on it. These glass chopping boards can also be used as surface protectors or just to have to make your kitchen look more awesome.

  • Official Spiral Direct Design
  • Product Theme: Cats & Roses
  • Function: Cutting Board
  • Materials: Toughened Glass
  • Shape: Circular
  • Approximate Diameter: 31cm
  • Rubber Feet Provided
  • Made in the UK

Disclaimer: These chopping boards are hand wash only, NOT dishwasher safe.

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