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Black Real Leather Snap On Belt 1.5 inch/38mm - No Buckle

Black Real Leather Snap On Belt 1.5 inch/38mm - No Buckle

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These black belts are handmade in England (UK) using real genuine leather. The belt strap has been designed specifically for attaching different interchangeable buckles, this is achieved by the use of press-stud fastenings allowing the belt to accept any snap on belt buckle. These belts have a width that measures 1½ inches (38mm), which is the standard size that will most jeans. Completed with 7 punch holes measuring 1 inch (25mm) apart to adjust for different waist sizes. This belt is the ultimate accessory, ready for you to add any belt buckle to it, also giving you the add bonus of changing your belt buckle anytime to match your look.

The belt size guides below measures from the press-stud loop to the first and last punch hole on the belt. Please add the length of the belt stated below to the length of the belt buckle you intended to use.

Belt Length + Buckle Length = True Size
Approximate Belt Lengths in inches (NO Buckle):
  • Small size: 28 - 34
  • Medium size: 32 - 38
  • Large size: 36 - 42
  • X Large size: 40 - 46
  • XX Large size: 44 - 50
  • XXX Large size: 48 - 54
Approximate Belt Length in cm (NO Buckle):
  • Small size: 71 - 86
  • Medium size: 81 - 96.5
  • Large size: 91.5 - 106.5
  • X Large size: 101.5 - 117
  • XX Large size: 111.5 - 127
  • XXX Large size: 122 - 137

Disclaimer: Belts are handmade, please allow up to 1 inch or 2.5cm of variation from the size guide provided.

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If would like a different belt and can't find one you like here on Pangothic+, please check out our sister store Blaize Buckles.



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