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Just A Gothic Gonk - Flip Flops

Just A Gothic Gonk - Flip Flops

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These flip flops depict the Tree of Death found in the shadow world. When you are lost in the shadow world the last place you want to find yourself is gazing upon this terrifying tree, your fear compels a scream to be released as the tree steals your soul. These flip flops are made to a high standard, they have the added bonus of being truly unique footwear. These flip flops are completed with great eye-catching artwork on them, making them different and standing out from regular footwear, great for going out on sunny days or taking on holiday for walking on the beach, a must have for sliding on after being in the swimming pool.

  • Official Product of Blaize Merch
  • Product Theme: Goths & Gonks
  • Function: Footwear
  • Footwear Type: Flip Flops
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Hand Wash
  • Made in the UK

Shoe Sizes Available:

  • Small - UK size 4-6
  • Medium - UK size 7-9
  • Large - UK size 10-12

Disclaimer: This product is made to order and will be dispatched as quickly as possible.

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