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Just A Gothic Gonk, Mouse Mat

Just A Gothic Gonk, Mouse Mat

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Gonks are meant to be something like a mix of a Gnome and a Hobgoblin. In the original folklore, these curious little creatures were said to take a liking to barns or houses in the colder seasons. If families treated them well, they were said to protect the family and give them good luck. Although not all Gonks are made the same, this Gonk likes the alternative gothic life style and loud heavy metal music. He prefers to protect and give good luck to the Goths and Metalheads of the world. This mouse mat is made to a high standard, it has the added bonus of being anti-slip and having strong static absorption. Suitable for any kind of computer mouse a wired mouse or wireless mouse, ideal for an optical mouse and an old school trackball. A comfortable and smooth surface accompanied with its non-slip material gives it great stability for everyday use.

  • Official Product of Blaize Merch
  • Product Theme: Goths & Gonks
  • Product Type: Mouse Mat
  • Approximate Thickness: 4mm
  • Approximate Size: 235mm x 195mm
  • Top Material: Polyester Fabric
  • Main Material: Rubber Base
  • Made in the UK


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